Welcome to Temple Beth Shalom's On-Line Registration for the High Holy Days!

“Welcome!” and thank you for making plans to join us for the start of the new year. We look forward to celebrating with you!

A complete “TBS High Holy Day Services and Program Brochure” is available by clicking here. In the brochure, you will find complete information about all of the services, programs, and activities created by the TBS community to celebrate the new year. A hard copy of this brochure was mailed to all TBS members in late June. If you don't have a copy of this brochure or if you don't have a copy available, it may be helpful to either print the full brochure or to keep the link open on your screen as you navigate your online registration.

If you are a member of the TBS community: In June, in your High Holy Day Brochure packet, you should have received a special Member ID and Password. If, for any reason, you don't have this information, simply contact Tiziana Getz, TBS Office Administrator, at tgetz@tbsneedham.org. She will be happy to help.

If you are an adult son or daughter (over 25), brother, sister, or a parent of a member of the TBS community, please have your relative register you to celebrate the Holy Days with TBS. As relatives of TBS members, the pricing for "Guest High Holy Day Tickets" is reduced.

If you are not yet a member of the Temple Beth Shalom community, "Thank you!" for your interest in celebrating the Holy Days with us! We look forward to welcoming you personally! Registration for the High Holy Days for those who are not yet members of the TBS community will be open AFTER August 6 and you will be able to register for tickets. Tickets for services will be provided based on availability. While some of our services do require the purchase of tickets, many of our services and programs are free of charge. All services, however, do require registration. Click here for Non-member Registration

As you make your way through each page of the registration, please provide the appropriate information and then click, "Next." While you are filling out your on-line registration you may go back to previous pages to update information. Please be sure to allow enough time to complete this registration in one sitting in order for all of your information to be saved.

If you have questions or experience any difficulty, please contact David Kaplan, Director of Managing Director at dkaplan@tbsneedham.org or at 781-444-0077.

Your presence with us will help to make the Holy Days sweeter!

Shanah Tovah...Happy and healthy new year!

David, Jay, Todd

David Kaplan, Managing Director

Rabbi Jay Perlman

Rabbi Todd Markley

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